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DaCapo - Braille music

For many blind people, music is an important part of their world of experience. Whether for leisure or professional use – Braille music notation is irreplaceable for blind musicians.

The largest group of blind professional musicians is made up of church musicians. There are also musicologists, singers, pop musicians and music pedagogues. Exercising these professions is unthinkable without constant access to notes. Notes are also needed for teaching blind children how to play an instrument or for blind people who occupy themselves with music in their leisure time, e.g. when singing in a choir.

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Just like Braille, Braille music notation is created out of six dots. Within music notation, the characters have their own meaning. The particularity – compared to normal notes – is the linear representation which means that melodies, chords or graphic symbols are notated character by character one after the other. Thus, notes can be converted into Braille without limitations.

The short introduction „Braille-Musiknoten – Eine kurze Übersicht für Sehende“ is available as a pdf download and as a printed copy (BN 5040, price 5 €). It offers the sighted an overview about music notation in Braille for blind musicians.