Deutsche Zentralbücherei für Blinde

Children's books (up to age 6)

Tactile picture-books

Tactile picture-books are designed according to the pedagogical guidelines of early childhood development and support.

There are books for:

  • children in kindergarten, preschool and young readers
  • with tactile images made from different materials (felt, cardboard, wool, wallpaper...)
  • in large print and uncontracted braille

Axel Scheffler / Julia Donaldson: Wo ist Mami? (“Where is Mummy?”)

For children from age 5

German Central Library for the Blind, Leipzig, 2014
Original by Weinheim, Beltz und Gelberg, 2006
11 tactile illustrations made from different fabrics designed by Corinna Grabatin and Leonie Ruf
Large Type and uncontracted Braille (interpoint with a space line), 315 x 235 mm, ring binder, 1 box with animal figures by Schleich
75 €, BNV 8181

Where's Mummy?, a little monkey asks anxiously and hopes that the helpful butterfly can find his mum. Yet, it leads him to the frog, the snake, the parrot and even to the elephant. Doesn't the butterfly know how a monkey mum looks like?

This wonderful story full of rhymes and dialogues was converted into Braille and large type. The coloured tactile pictures were made from different fabrics like suede, feathers, woven fabric and woolen threads. They feel warm, comfortable and familiar and are therefore a special tactile sensation for reading beginners, who can read the story themselves or have it read to them aloud.

Martin Baltscheit: Der Löwe, der nicht schreiben konnte (“The Lion Who Couldn't Write”)

For children from age 5

Deutsche Zentralbücherei für Blinde, 2013
Original: Beltz Verlag 2002
10 tactile images made from different material based on the designs by Corinna Grabatin and Leonie Ruf
large type and uncontracted braille (interpoint with a space line), 315 x 235 mm, ring binder, 1 box with eight animal figures by Schleich

Content: The lion couldn't write, but he could roar and bare his teeth – and that was all the lion needed. Yet, one day, he met a lioness who was reading and: ”a lioness who reads is a lady. And you write letters to a lady before you kiss her”. So the lion makes his way to the different animals of the jungle and asks them to write a letter for him. Alas, something always turns out wrong. The monkey wants to share bananas with her, the hippo invites her to go diving – the prevented lover is in fits of madness. When the lioness hears that, she takes him to a meadow and exercises his ABC with him...

Susanne Sariyannis: Die geheimnisvolle Spur (“The Mysterious Trace”)

For children from age 3

Eight tactile images made from different material in large print and uncontracted braille (interpoint with a space line), 21,5 x 23 cm,
65 €, BNV 7702

Content: Felix discovers a mysterious trace in the forest and pursues it over a meadow. He passes by a molehill, gets to a barn and crosses the street. The trace ends at his friend Ben's house. Ben welcomes him with a Christmas tree under his arm. He asks Felix to help him to decorate the Christmas tree. Felix now knows whose trace he had been following...

Petra Kämmerer: Lucie – das kleine Gespenst (“Lucie – The Little Ghost”)

For children from age 3

Deutsche Zentralbücherei für Blinde, 2007
Seven coloured reliefs, large type and uncontracted Braille comes with a modelling sheet and a Lucie doll
16,50 €, BNV 4962

Content: It is the tale of Lucie, a little white Ghost who wishes for nothing but a colourful dress...

Children's books with reliefs (Selection)

Coloured illustrations with transparent thermoform supplement the text in large print and uncontracted Braille.

Valckx, Catharina: Pfoten hoch! (“Paws Up!”)

Soft cover with ring binding, transparent reliefs/thermoforms and coloured illustrations, large print, uncontracted Braille,
14,40 €, BNV 7392 (Lesekompass)

Content: Billy's dad is a famous gangster. He desperately wants Billy to become a gangster later in life, too. But Billy is not yet naughty enough for him. So he gives his son an unloaded pistol and sends him out to the world. Scared stiff, Billy starts his journey. ”Paws up!”, he says to the rain worm (who does not have any paws), to the mouse (who does not take him seriously) and to the rabbit (who ignores him). Only the mean fox (who had chased the rabbit) fears the pistol and is put out of action by Billy. Billy is a hero! But that still does not mean he is a gangster...

Eva Muszynski: Cowboy Klaus und Otto der Ochsenfrosch (“Cowboy Klaus and Otto, the Bullfrog”)

Tulipan Verlag, 2012, from age 6 for young readers
one soft cover, transparent reliefs and coloured illustrations, large print, uncontracted Braille
14,40 €, BNV 7383 (Lesekompass)

Content: Cowboy Klaus is left high and dry: Otto, the big bullfrog, blocks the water pipe. Cowboy Klaus is happy about his new flatmate, but Lisa and Rosi are appalled: The frog has to go! Can Otto find a new home in the city?

Tomi Ungerer: Die drei Räuber (“The Three Robbers”)

Zürich: Diogenes-Verlag, 2007.
1 soft cover, transparent reliefs, coloured illustrations
15,80 €, BNV 6713

Content: Three grim-looking robbers armed with a blunderbuss, a pair of bellows with pepper and a huge red axe ambush carriages and rob the travellers of their belongings. One day, they meet the orphaned girl Tiffany on one of their raids and simply take her with them. Tiffany changes their life, because she finally can find use for the amassed treasures: The robbers start looking for other unhappy children for whom they buy a magnificent castle and eventually found a city.

György Várnai: Kleine Biene Nimmersatt (“The Little Bee Never Full”)

Leipzig: LeiV, 2009.
Illustrated by Attila Dargay, Gyula Macskássy and Tibor Csermák
1 soft cover, 9 transparent reliefs with coloured illustrations
18,60 €, BNV 6709

Content: The little bee is a proper greedy-guts. More than anything else, she loves to eat the honey she collected all by herself. So she does not only become fat and sluggish but she also does not learn how to avoid threats. Hence, she does know nothing about the cunning hornet and nearly falls an easy victim to her. If her friends had not been there to help and care for her, her little journey could have taken a turn for the worse.

Lore Hummel: Wiesengeschichten (“Meadow Stories”)

One soft cover, 9 transparent reliefs, coloured illustrations, large type
17,20 €, BNV 3791

Content: The funny texts can be read in Braille and large type, and are accompanied by coloured illustrations and transparent reliefs – for short: a great present for Easter!

Children's Books with Swell Paper (mini-pocket)

The children's books of the mini-pocket-series are intended for young readers and to be read aloud

  • full-page relief-illustrations on swell paper
  • uncontracted Braille with large print (every line of text is followed by a blank line)
  • accompanying book with large print that is identical to the uncontracted Braille (16 p) and coloured illustrations
  • small, especially handy book format
  • metallic blue ring binding
  • durable cover made with orange, transparent hard foil
  • price: every book in the series costs 11,90 €

Erwin Moser: Who kisses the frog?

extract from: Erwin Moser: Wo wohnt die Maus?
St. Pölten : Residenz-Verlag, 2011
BNV 7982

Content: A frog who sees two squirrels kissing each other in a tree suddenly feels very lonely in his bed of tyres. He also wants to be kissed and starts his quest for somebody to kiss him. He meets the stork and the bear. But one has a beak that is too pointy and the other one is too big. When he asks a midge, it fears he wants to eat it. The mouse considers him to be too green and the cat wants twenty mice for a kiss. In the end, the poor little frog gets kissed. But by whom?

Erwin Moser: Die Mäusepiraten (“Mice Pirates”)

extract from: Erwin Moser: Wo wohnt die Maus?
St. Pölten : Residenz-Verlag, 2011
BNV 7987, BNA 16810

Content: It is the story of Daniel and Edgar, two mice, who sallied out to become pirates. But after a storm their pirate ship becomes a lifeboat for two shipwrecked cats and a bear. On an island where they want to repair their ship they still find their pirate treasure...

Erwin Moser: The Flying Box

extract from: Erwin Moser: Wo wohnt die Maus?
St. Pölten : Residenz-Verlag, 2011
BNV: 7380

Content: When Bruno the bear finds a box in front of his house, a little adventure begins. Because when he steps into it, it starts to hover and he flies up in the air. The reader learns what Bruno experiences on his turbulent voyage and which marvellous surprise awaits him and his new friends in the end.

Erwin Moser: Hedgehog Children

extract from: Erwin Moser: Wo wohnt die Maus?
St. Pölten : Residenz-Verlag, 2011
BNV 7381

Content: Max and Mara, two nosy hedgehog children, tiptoe out of the house at night. But the fox lurks in the forest. He sees something delicious – not a lot, but still a little mouse. He will catch it soon. The mouse cries out for help...

Can the little hedgehog children save the little mouse from her distress?