Deutsche Zentralbücherei für Blinde

Product range

Braille books

Currently there are 5,600 titles available in braille.

You can buy all kinds of literature:

  • fiction – novels, short stories, drama, poetry
  • non-fiction – biographies, travel guides, cookbooks
  • popular science
  • school material
  • children's books

Most books are in contracted braille, but there are titles available in non-contracted braille as well.

Music braille books

Currently there are approximately 6,200 music braille books in the DZB inventory. We offer mainly piano music, but also music for string instruments, accordion, wind- and plucked string instruments, for chamber music and orchestra music, for vocal music and documentations on music theory.

Talking books

The DZB lends most of its talking books. In the following you can find a small offer of talking books that were produced in our studio and can be purchased from the DZB. Together with the publishing house Argon, the DZB offers more than 300 titles of talking books in the DAISY-format for sale as argon daisy edition!

What would you like to listen to? Fiction, self-help books or travel literature? Browse and discover the talking book you really enjoy.


A great variety of tactile teaching aids were developed by the DZB, as was the tactile representation of architectural monuments like the Cologne cathedral and the popular greeting cards for almost all occasions.

Our reliefs meet the highest standards. They are made of a very durable plastic and the forms are clearly shaped so they can be easily distinguished by the touching fingers.

Children's books with relief, tactile picture-books, atlases, calendars and greeting cards –we offer a varied range of products including tactile illustrations in books, geographical maps and illustrative material for schools, even relief wall calendars and greeting cards. Every product is carefully produced by hand. Learn more about the production of our relief products!

Architectural Monuments

DZB produced the first guide for blind and partially sighted people for one of the most important cathedrals in Germany, the Cologne cathedral. The guide contains relief, braille and large print. Barbara Schock-Werner, master builder of the cathedral, explains the history of the famous cathedral and some of its most important pieces of art. Relief printings illustrate the ground plan of the cathedral, the Western facade, gothic window forms and the Gero-crucifix. The guide also comprises an audio-CD with additional information about the Cologne cathedral. As of now, the guide of the Cologne cathedral is only available in German.

Greeting Cards

The DZB offers a selection of greeting cards for all occasions. Send a nice greeting with these cards that combine coloured relief with braille and print letters. Some cards also contain audio-CDs.

If you are interested in this product, have a look at our German website.


The DZB publishes 11 magazines for blind and partially sighted users. They are produced in different formats: DAISY, braille and online. All magazines are in German. You can subscribe easily.

If you are interested in our magazines, please consider our German website.