Deutsche Zentralbücherei für Blinde


Project »BADI« (2014-2017)

The BADI project aims to set up a download-offer of barrier-free e-books in EPUB3-format for blind and partially sighted people in education and the professional field. By developing these means and tools it will be possible to provide urgently required educational offers in the field of non-fiction and textbooks via DZB. The project period is three years (2014-2017). The following issues will be dealt with during this time:

  • Preparation of a catalogue of requirements and barrier-free preparation of specific book content
  • Adaption and enhancement of DZB-intern production processes for the barrier-free preparation of EPUB3 content
  • Implementation of a download platform of e-book content for authorized users
  • Development and testing of a reading software for barrier-free e-book content

Tools and methods that will be developed in the course of the project will be used at DZB to prepare and distribute barrier-free e-books.

BADI symposium in Leipzig

IFLA LPD meeting took place in Leipzig from 9-11 February 2015. The meeting was accompanied by a symposium on barrier-free access to digital information (BADI symposium) on 11 February. Please see the symposium programme and the presentations here.

Project »Leibniz« (2009-2012)

Supported by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the project »Leibniz« was carried out in the DZB from 2009 until 2012. The project's focus was to improve the participation in society for blind and partially sighted persons, especially in the professional and academic environment.

The task of the project was to develop efficient IT-processes for individual conversion of non-fiction and textbooks for blind and partially sighted persons. A software was developed that is able to automatically and effectively convert text, pictures, diagrams, tables – that also includes graphic details. Thus, effective workflows to convert printed publications into a format that is accessible for partially sighted persons can be established. Furthermore, the access to library lending offers and services for blind and partially sighted users in the formats of braille, DAISY and large type is accelerated. Different partners from the commercial publishing sector supported the DZB in its test processes or exchanged experiences in the field of accessible and barrier-free media. The cooperation with the sector platform »Libreka« was one of the first ideas to ease and secure the prompt transfer of already digitalized publications. The integration of the results of the project Leibniz into already existing national and international activities aims for the realization of the vision of a global library for persons with print disabilities.

Project »DaCapo« (2003-2009)

Conversion of Music Notes

During a period of six years (2003-2009), a powerful and effective computer-based conversion service for music was introduced in the DZB thanks to the funding of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. This service converts black ink notes into Braille notes efficiently and according to requirements.

Within the framework of DaCapo I and DaCapo II, a special software was developed that allows converters and proofreaders of notes the computer-based processing of musical notes.

Since 2005, BrailleVis allows the vice versa translation of Braille notes into black ink notes. With the help of the speed conversion service MakeBraille, a second note conversion service at DZB, the translation into Braille can be done without the time-consuming proofreading. This project was facilitated thanks to a special agreement with the collecting society Musikedition and benefits from a close cooperation with international libraries for the blind as well as with music publishing houses.