Deutsche Zentralbücherei für Blinde

In Remembrance

We remember the teachers of the “Higher Israelite School” who were killed in concentration camps or missing since their deportation:

Max Adler, elementary teacher, killed on 25 November 1941 in Kaunus

Dr. phil. Siegbert Werner Baer, teacher for maths and physics, deported to KZ Auschwitz on 29 January 1943, missing

Abraham Beller, elementary teacher, died on 03 August 1942 in Sibiria

Sally Bruckmann, elementary teacher, missing since 10 May 1942 in ghetto Belzyce, as well as his wife Gerta and three of their four children

Hedwig Burgheim, kindergarten worker and teacher, missing since 1943 in KZ Auschwitz

Dr. phil. Isaak Hallemann, teacher for religion and maths, missing since 22 March 1942 in transit camp Izbica

Klara Hallemann, born Mandelbaum, elementary teacher, missing since 22 March 1942 in transit camp Izbica

Dr. phil. Max Martin Sigmund Heinemann, classical philologist, publisher, teacher, missing since 1944 in KZ Auschwitz

Gertrud Herrmann, teacher for German, history, Latin and short hand, missing since 13 July 1942 in KZ Auschwitz

Walter Herz, elementary teacher, missing in KZ Auschwitz

Max Jaffe, elementary teacher, missing since 13 July 1942 in KZ Auschwitz as well as his wife Emilie

Dr. phil. Manuel Joel, teacher for history and geography, killed on 24 December 1938 in KZ Buchenwald

Dr. phil. Alberto Jonas, teacher for history and religion, killed on 29 August 1942 in ghetto Theresienstadt

Emil Kahn, teacher for English and French, killed on 08 August 1942 in ghetto Lodz together with pupils from Cologne, his last place of employment

Daniel David Katzmann, elementary teacher, teacher for physical education, killed together with his family after 29 January 1943 in KZ Auschwitz

Samuel Sally Lampel, elementary teacher, cantor, killed together with his wife Rosa after 1942 in KZ Auschwitz

Hildegard Landau, aspirant teacher, died in the Shoa

Gertrud Lewin, teacher for needle work, physical education and house work, missing since 10 May 1942 in Ghetto Belzyce

Dr. phil. Paul Lonnerstädter, teacher for maths and physics, missing since 26 October 1942

Ignatz/Hermann Löwy, teacher for religion, killed on 20 December 1943 in ghetto Theresienstadt

Josef Meyer, elementary teacher, missing in extermination camp Majdanek

Kurt Peckel, elementary and religion teacher, cantor, died in the Shoa

Dr. phil. Sally Rabinowitz, teacher of romance languages, killed on 23 July 1943 in Sobibor

Berta Rosenzweig, language teacher, killed in 1943 in extermination camp Treblinka

Gertrud Oppe, maried Rothenberg, elementary teacher, missing since 21 January 1942 in Riga together with her family

Julius Schapiro, elementary and music teacher, killed on 26 January 1945 in KZ Buchenwald

Dr. phil. Nachmann Schlesinger, teacher for natural sciences, missing since 1942 in KZ Auschwitz

Salomon Steinberg, elementary teacher, killed at 05 February 1945 in KZ Bergen-Belsen

Henriette Tockel, elementary teacher, missing since her deportation from Hamburg to the East

Kurt Weil, elementary teacher, missing since his deportation to Belzyce in may 1942

Marcus Beer Weil, teacher for religion, killed on 28 July 1943 in ghetto Theresienstadt

We also remember the pupils who died in the Shoa and whose names and destinies are mostly unknown to us.